Would you love to wake up every morning and feel joy and ease in choosing your outfit?

Why we have created sTYLECOLAB

Vicki Doufas, founder of StyleColab, knows that what you wear can have an impact on how you feel, behave, and are seen by others. Her experience in fashion and qualifications in style and colour analysis, coupled with her sincere and professional approach, delivers exceptional personal styling that fits your unique needs. No matter what your body type, budget, or stage in life, Vicki will bring out your very best, to help you achieve personal and professional success.


Hi, I’m Vicki, the founder of StyleColab, a Melbourne based personal and image styling business. I love helping real women and men of all ages find a style compatible with their shape, budget and lifestyle, to boost their confidence to achieve personal and professional aspirations.

I’ve been providing fashion advice informally to family and friends for as long as I can remember, and it has always brought me joy. Having been part of the corporate world for almost two decades, raising two wonderful children, and going through many of life’s changes, I know first-hand the enormous impact that fashion can have on a person's confidence, attitude, overall well-being and sense of self. The clothes we wear affect everything, from how our family, friends, peers and colleagues perceive us, to how we feel about ourselves.

From career changes to motherhood, moving cities or towns, and those birthdays that just keep coming, our lives continually change like the seasons. And our style should be no exception to this. Personal styling is not just for celebrities; it’s a tool to bring out your best. Whether you're going through a transformational period, stuck in a style rut or just wanting to dress in a way that's true to who you are, StyleColab is here to help.

As a qualified personal stylist and certified colour consultant, I know it is not just about putting outfits together, but rather spending the time listening, building rapport and a trusting relationship with people. Then, with that understanding, I share my styling knowledge and skills to empower people to look great and feel confident.

I take great care to provide a safe and comfortable environment to help people through their style journey.

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StyleColab offers a wide range of personal and professional styling services to help you find your style, boost your confidence and achieve success. Whether it’s a style makeover, wardrobe review, personal shopping, or entering a new stage in your life, you can rely on me to pick the right pieces for you!

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